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Opertunities About ROCCOM

Our Business & Philosophy

High Speed Networks Solutions L.L.C (HSNS) is a subsidery of Modern Alliance Group, referred to as MAG. MAG is a diversified business group involved in limited venture capital activities by way of contributing time and resources via collaboration, business development, and direct investment in innovative cutting edge technologies. MAG is based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and over the years it has built trustful relationships locally and internationally with technology firms, inventors and entrepreneurs to foster growth and venture into untapped business growth sectors in the Saudi and GCC markets.

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For the past 5 years, MAG has dedicated time and resources to work with a Saudi technology inventor in relation to high-speed packet forwarding. We have branded this technology “ROCCOM” and the features and benefits of the technology are explained in detail in this presentation

The ROCCOM technology is protected by granted patents filed by the mentioned Saudi inventor in the United States and Europe and we are currently engaging in a further stage of research and development which will deliver significant technical improvements to the technology. MAG has entered into an exclusive partnership arrangement with the inventor and has established an SPV incorporated in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia named High Speed Networks Solutions LLC (HSNS). That company was established for the sole purpose of commercializing and managing the protection of the ROCCOM technology.

Increased Routing Speed at Reduced Processing Power

No search in forwarding table required
No routing / forwarding table manipulation
Easy to redirect path in case of traffic congestion
Only first IP packet in each session needs to be searched
In a session, only the first packet is routed while the remaining ones are cross-connected

No Need to Change any Hardware, Just Update the Software

No new hardware development required
Quick deployment due to Software upgrade only
Remote upgrades of existing routers possible

Delay Elimination

Eliminates the delay incurred by NAT64 Eliminates the delay in the Network Layer In the future, it will eliminate even the delay in the Data Link Layer

Effectiveness & Impact of ROCCOM

Increased performance of resource sensitive applications such as video, voice, and e-learning at reduced energy consumption can be realized with moderate resources and time and effort leading to significant competitive advantage
Very fast backbone infrastructure network to enable current and future hungry bandwidth applications, thus, digital transformation at the user levels (private/ government sectors) can be easily achieved
Easy deployment of the IPv6 that leads to more user traffic (people/ devices, IoT) being easily managed within the infrastructure network

In Contrast, What is High Speed Network Protocol (HSNP)

The concept relates to the enhancement of high-speed packet forwarding (switching/routing) systems such as the present Internet Protocol (IP). More particularly, the approach will enhance the existing protocol to deliver the capabilities of high-speed IP packet forwarding to overcome network delays. It further includes a protocol that allows for an easy and transparent implementation on current IP networks (IPv4 and IPv6) or any packet switching system/device so that users can route once (at the Network layer) and cross-connect many (at a lower layer)

Modification of the current router/switch operating system by using the above concept

Edge, enterprise, and backbone routers/switches. Also, any satellite, telecommunication, or network device that functions as a router/switch

The Opertunities

The potential for success of the ROCCOM technology is limitless, especially with the rise of Big Data and the Internet of Things, which will create significant pressure on global network speed.

In addition to the granted patent protection, we have undertaken extensive effort researching the commercial viability and application of the concept in industry.

We engaged a specialist UK based IP firm to evaluate the usability and effectiveness of the technology and the potential value of patent rights. All the reviews and recommendations were positive and encouraging, and validated our own beliefs for the opportunities for success of the ROCCOM technology in the global market.

We are also supported by the region’s leading IP commercialisation practice, Clyde & Co LLP which is an international law firm with offices in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

A short brief explaining the idea of the technology follows. HSNS is currently engaging with a small number of potential partners who have expressed a real interest in the ROCCOM technology and a desire to collaborate. Being Saudi Nationals who have proudly created the ROCCOM technology in the Kingdom

Our approach is to license the technology but our doors are open to other model of cooperation

In order to move forward, we will require an NDA to be signed to protect the disclosure of our confidential information

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